Prepare to be captivated, enthralled and left in awe of one of the most unique and iconic continents on this planet. Witnessing the ‘Big 5’ on an outback safari, exploring the Pyramids, sailing out of Zanzibar, or rafting the Zambesi, there is a lifetime of adventure in this incredible land.

The birth of human beings with its ancient history and customs will entice you to discover more about this incredible place as you travel. And with nowhere else like it for wild animals and birds, exploring Africa will be addictive and leave you wanting more. It is a land rich in traditions, natural beauty and life-changing experiences. Prepare to fall in love with a place like no other.

Africa gets under your skin in a captivating way. From the rippling dunes of the Namib Desert, witnessing the Serengeti migration for the first time, exploring the forest highlands of Uganda for mountain gorillas, traversing the Great Rift Valley, mountain biking near Capetown, or diving the world’s largest ocean migration – the Sardine Run.