Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments. The focus here is ‘Low Volume, High Value Tourism’, and the Bhutanese people are such friendly and wonderful hosts that you can be assured an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Bhutan is the living embodiment of a sustainable approach to adventure travel, very much in line with the government philosophy of Gross National Happiness (rather than gross domestic product), which the Bhutanese people pride themselves on daily. It is well known that foreign visitors must pay a minimum tariff of US$250 per day, making it seem like one of the world’s more expensive destinations. However, this fee is all-inclusive – of accommodation, food, transport and an official guide, so a pretty good deal to see this incredible land. There is no need to travel in a large group and you can arrange your own itinerary.

The apt description of Shangri-La in the Himalayas suits Bhutan well. This is a land of majestic mountain peaks, expansive Himalayan landscapes, primeval forests, deep gorges, and stunning fortress-like Dzongs and monasteries. To really see the country, the only way is taking an extended hike through the mountains as you wander medieval villages, see Buddhist monks going about their daily routines and watching spectacular Tsechus, or local dance festivals.

In line with the amazing carbon-neutral sustainability credentials Bhutan has built, is a country dedicated to environmental protection – where by law 60% of the country must be covered in forest, and it currently sits around 70%, so Bhutan is actually carbon positive! As you marvel at the cliff-hugging Tigers Nest monastery, wander past Chortens (shrines) or cross the high passes of this remote mountain kingdom, the wonders and surprises will keep you enthralled. Bhutan really is a hidden gem of the Himalayas, and largely untouched by the modern world. It really is a privilege to experience this magical place, and one you should not miss!


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