A country full of immense beauty, adventure and exploration. Iceland offers something for everyone, and is a top destination for those seeking diverse adventures as well as those who desire incredible photo opportunities while roaming this magical land.

Iceland is an adventurers dream destination. Summers midnight sun allows endless exploration, while winter offsets this with the most spectacular displays of the Northern Lights. A place where fire and ice exist in unison to capture your senses at every turn.

There are phenomenal landscapes encompassing multicolored rhyolite mountains and lava fields – at Landmannalaugar, the Maelifell Volcano, gorgeous Gullfoss Waterfall, unspoilt nature at Kirkjufell Mountain, the Skaftafell Ice Cave for glacier exploring, and of course Blue Lagoon at Grindavík where you can ease your worries away with a soak after all the adventures you’ve just had.

Winter months provide a whole range of complimentary adventures under the dazzling night lights of the Aurora Borealis. Why not try snowmobiling, ice climbing, glacier hiking and ice cave exploring, dogsledding on the Langjökull Glacier, skiing or boarding at one of the many ski resorts, or snowmobiling from either the Langjökull or Mýrdalsjökull glaciers (which can be combined with the “golden circle” for a perfect day trip combo). You can even scuba dive or snorkel year round between 2 continents at the Silfra Fissure – a crystal clear ravine at Þingvellir Lake with up to 120 meters visibility!

Whether it’s exploring the country in the winter months or seeing the country come to life (and colour) in the warmer seasons, Iceland is truly a country that is full of adventure, culture and mystery that will satisfy any traveler.


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