Wanna see a real Kiwi (or Kaka) in the wild?

So like many New Zealanders in a Covid-19 restricted world, we took the opportunity to explore our very own backyard of Aotearoa, and settled on the last inhabited landmass between mainland New Zealand and Antarctica – Stewart Island/Rakiura. What ensued over the next 4 days was a reminder of how amazing places off the traditional ‘tourist trail’ can really be, …

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10 Best Wildlife Adventures of 2021

Here’s our pick for some of the most incredible wildlife adventures on the planet, and when to go and experience them! Swim with Humpback whales in Tonga or Niue Take a micro-light flight with migrating birds Big cats and meerkats in the Kalahari Desert, Namibia Viewing orangutans and gibbons in the Danum Valley, Borneo Observing dolphins in Shark Bay and …

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