Rainforests & Waterfalls – Guided walking tour of Conway National Park & Cedar Creek Falls

NZD $123

Location: Airlie Beach
Booking Details:

Minimum group of 4.

Guests need basic level of fitness to complete the tour. They will need to wear sturdy footwear (NO flip flops/thongs) and bring plenty of drinking water.

Please notify us of any dietry requirements with your booking.

Venture deep into ancient, tropical rainforest on the lookout for unique flora and fauna. Enjoy the peacefulness of your surrounds at a beautiful waterway and take a refreshing swim or spot some friendly turtles at a natural waterfall.



A tropical rainforest and waterfall discovery. This tour will take you on a drive out of Airlie Beach and deeper in to Conway National Park where we start our walk for the day.

As we venture in to the ancient rainforest, we’ll take a detour along the Kingfisher Circuit where we’ll be on the lookout for Paradise Kingfishers flying beneath the  great forest canopy.

A wide, slightly downhill track will then take us down through the rainforest before veering off towards Wompoo Way - a tranquil clearing with beautiful creek and the chance of spotting a Wompoo Fruit Dove or Ulysses Butterfly. After taking a moment to rest and truly appreciate this magical place, it’s an uphill walk to complete our 8km circuit*.

Within just a short drive we'll find ourselves at Cedar Creek Falls; nature’s perfect backdrop for a light picnic lunch and an afternoon perched on rock watching turtles, looking for that perfect angle to capture the waterfall on camera or enjoying a refreshing, invigorating swim beneath the waterfall.**

*A reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour with some moderate-steep uphill sections involved (including a small amount of stairs). The return walk is 8km. Please also take weather and temperature conditions in to account. If unsure if this is for you, please contact us for more information.

**The amount of water flowing at the waterfall is heavily dependant on the season. Please be prepared for no water to be falling throughout dry season. There is however, always water at the base for swimming and visits from friendly turtles year round (and especially when the falls are quieter during dry season).

Departures & Pickups

There are no national park park entrances fees or other fees. We provide a light lunch. You may bring additional snacks, but remember to take all rubbish items back out of the park with you. Some tours will have opportunities for purchasing additional food/drinks but most will not, so you'll need to take this in to account.

Departures & Pickups

Pick-up: Will be from your accommodation between 08.15 and 08.30am. We will contact you the evening before your tour to confrim the exact pickup details. Please be ready and waiting near the front entrance/reception.

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