Virtual Tour - Caucasus Mountain Adventures

OperatorBeyond Red SquareLocationWherever you are!Duration1.5 HoursPrice

Looking for a fresh and unique way to experience adventure?  How about a virtual tour to the North Caucasus Mountains?!  Think history, culture, and adventure travel all tied into one!


What You’ll Experience:

This virtual tour is for those who love exploring new places – and having adventures while doing so!

Imagine mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, hiking, off-roading, dirt biking, cliff-diving, skiing, snowboarding, and more: all against the stunning background of the North Caucasus Mountains of Russia!

Local guide Misha will walk you through the mountain adventure opportunities available here, as well as share some of the amazingly diverse cultures and history of the Caucasus Mountains.

Interested in scheduling a private virtual Caucasus Mountain adventure tour? Enquire now for custom dates, team-building options, corporate events, school field trips, and more.

What To Pack:

  • Your preferred device ( desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • All of your questions and an adventurous spirit
  • A stable internet connection