Adventure Journeys

Traveling to a specific region of the world, or for a defined purpose such as an adventure sport or scenic journey, these are truly immersive experiences that will put you at-one with your destination, the local people, and your new found traveling companions.  Adventure journeys can be life changing requiring bold commitment to invest time and money to really ‘see’ a destination, with rewards that will last a lifetime and you will always look back on as transformational.

Whether it be an overland journey through some or all of Africa, a journey that combines wildlife and adventure activities in nature, or a trip focused on a region such as India or Peru, travelling over a period of days or weeks allows you to really live within the destination, and you will have an action filled adventure at every turn.

Experienced, knowledgeable and well-travelled guides will ensure all the logistics are taken care of for transport, accommodation, safety and activities. They will curate the experience, and you get to enjoy each step, take loads of photos, and share stories with your companions along the way. The great thing about these type of adventures is the unknown. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and weather or local closures can change itineraries at short notice, however these are the joys of adventure travel and experiences you share, blog and talk about – often for years after a trip.


No specific ability or skills required as these are adventures that are designed to give you the experience of the activity without being skilled and are generally led by highly competent and experienced guides.

For water based activities, the ability to swim and/or be comfortable around water is important, and for aerial adventures, having a head-for-heights or being happy to push beyond your comfort zone is important. Adventure journeys but their nature are experiential, so being healthy and fit will enable you to deal with the unexpected, a common theme on adventure journeys.

Gear Required

Generally all technical and safety equipment is provided, with the only requirement from you being general travel equipment, well supported footwear and clothing suitable to the environment.

  • In winter months taking a lot more warm layers and a good jacket with hat and gloves.
  • Summer can be more about sun protection with the potential for changes in weather.

exploreGO Top Experiences

  • Overland from Cape Town to Nairobi - the ultimate African Odyssey
  • Central American explorer - see the highlights of Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, & Mexico
  • Chile to Peru - an overland adventure from Patagonia to Machu Picchu, via Argentina and Bolivia
  • The big walkabout - Darwin to Sydney, Australia
  • Amazon to the Andes - exploring rainforest and finishing with the Inca Trail
  • Uncover India - Delhi to Goa
  • Indochina Discovery - Overland through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand
  • Circumnavigate Iceland with self-drive or on a tour
  • Explore Colombia and trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida (relatively undiscovered, and unspoilt ruins that are remote, and hard to reach)
  • Explore epic New Zealand and journey across the South and North Islands
  • Journey through the Himalayas, and reach Everest Base camp

Best time to travel

Adventure journeys can occur year round depending on the location and countries visited. Each country has its own best time to visit for weather, however in many places journeys at different times of year mean you will experience and see vastly different landscapes, wildlife and conditions.

Operators who run adventure journeys will ensure your trip is timed to coincide with the best time for that country, and in many instances can run year round as they may change experiences depending on the season – e.g. summer versus winter activities. For those contemplating a self-organized journey, taking into account seasonal variance including rainy seasons and storm seasons will help plan the best time to visit each country or region.


exploreGO Top Tips:

  • Sort all of your travel logistics out, prior to arrival: a valid passport with at least 6 months to run before expiry, check whether you need a visa for the country(s) visited, plan on getting enough local cash to get you through (and keep it in a couple of locations, including mostly in your hotel or accommodation), make sure relevant vaccinations are up to date, and create a packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything – or if there are things you need to source in-destination.
  • Get a couple of travel apps for your smart phone. These are invaluable for knowing where you are, pointing out key features, tracking distance/movements, identifying landmarks, and so much more. Take a look at: CityMapper, Google Translate, LiveTrekker,  Time Out, AllTrails, Ramblr, GAIA GPS, PeakFinder, and obviously accommodation and transport apps like Uber, AirBnB, and booking apps.
  • Spend time before you go reading about the history and culture of the country(s) and region you are travelling to. This will really enhance your understanding and can bring ‘alive’ the destination by learning about why things are done a certain way, and how a country evolved and developed. Hand-in-hand with this is language – learn the basics of any language (even if its hello, thank you, goodbye, how are you, how much, sorry, good, etc) and you will be accepted by locals in a much friendlier way, even if you get it wrong, people really appreciate the effort to try and communicate locally.

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